Medium Hot Java Curry
Medium Hot Java Curry
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Medium Hot Java Curry

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9 servings.

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Vegetable oil (palm oil, canola oil, soy lecithin), wheat flour, salt, corn starch, curry powder (spices, coriander seed, dried tangerine peel), sugar, flavor enhancer (E621), defatted soybean, color (E150), roasted onion powder (onion flake, dextrin, natural flavor), sauteed curry paste (curry powder, palm oil), garlic powder (dried garlic, defatted soybean, glucose, maltose), sauteed onion paste (onion powder [onion flake, defatted soybean], palm oil), glucose, spices, yeast extract, soy lecithin, sucrose fatty acid esters, sesame paste, onion seasoning (onion extract, soy sauce [soybean, wheat, salt], dextrin, yeast extract, corn starch, garlic extract, salt, natural flavor), glycerin fatty acid esters, onion powder (onion flake, soybean powder, malatose), acidity regulator (E330), preservative (E296), fermented wheat seasoning (wheat, yeast extract, dextrin), roasted garlic powder (garlic flake, dextrin, natural flavour), garlic extract (garlic, sweet potato syrup, salt), flavor enhancer (E631), preservative (E270), maltose, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose.

Contains soy, wheat and sesame.

185 g. 

185 g
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