Marshmallow Daifuku Mixed Mochi
Marshmallow Daifuku Mixed Mochi
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Marshmallow Daifuku Mixed Mochi

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Red bean: maltose, sugar, glutinous rice, red bean, emulsifier (E1422), palm oil, flavor, preservative (E200). 

Milk: maltose, sugar, glutinous rice, emulsifier (E1422), palm oil, milk, trehalose, gelatin, flavor, emulsifier (E420), color (E160a), preservative (E200). Contains milk. 

Matcha: maltose, sugar, glutinous rice, emulsifier (E1422), redv bean paste (red bean, sugar, maltose, palm oil), green tea powder, palm oil, flavor, preservative (E200). 

Contains oxygen absorber bag - not edible.

250 g.

270 g
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